Friday, March 2, 2012

“How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?”

As the technology has a huge part in our lives, then we have to develop our methods of teaching by using these great effective ways. First, I have to be sure that all my students know how to use them and creating accounts on each of them. Then, I will start using them in improving reading skill to my EFL students.

By using Blogger, Delicious and Wiki, I can improve my students’ level in reading. I will use Blogger to post different interesting topics to them and they have to read and reflect on these posts, this will show me how they understand what they read and got the idea behind it. Systematically their reading skill will develop since I will gradually move from simple posts to difficult ones.

Delicious will play an important part in our learning, because all the links we need that related to reading skill will added on Delicious account and all the students will share it together. It will be like a file for our course, which we find all the sources we deal with in our Delicious.

Finally, the result and effort of our works together as a class will be on Wiki. All our creative works will add on Wiki. I will make competitions between students to the most effective reflection about any reading text, they can work as pairs and they should use PowerPoint in order to give their reflection. Therefore, Wiki helps us in cooperative work a lot.  

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  1. Good suggestions and tips. Keep them at the back of your mind so as to add lessons to your final project.
    Well done!