Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“How would you use Real English website with 1st grade students-intermediate school in Yanbu”

     I will use Real English website with my students in intermediate school to help them in developing their English language depending on real life situations, which they really need in their daily lives communication. Therefore, to improve this skill they need to watch and listen to these situations and Real English website provide these videos to us to use it effectively with our students.

First, I will use the videos in this website to improve their communication skills. They will watch these videos, discuss it together, clarify any ambiguity in these videos, and then start practice as the same way and after that we will make our additions to these conversations and our own situations as we face them in the real life. By making these activities, they will gain new vocabulary and identify new grammar structures. They will be able to use the language through these conversations.

I will share some games and activities provided in the website and I can make some changes that make them suitable with my students’ level. In addition, I can recommend this web site to my students to get the benefit from it in their free time and listen to the videos more than one time because listening is one of the most important skills to learn any language.